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WAFA 2017 Managementt Committee - Barbados

WAFA 2017 Management Committee - Barbados
REAR: Trevor Inniss (Printing & Publications), Joan Linton (Seminar Chairperson), Wayne Ramsay (Show Chairman)
CENTER: Heather Redman (Publicity), Jessica Cadogan (Demonstration/Exhibitions), Patricia Harte (Hospitality), Annice Dalrymple (Treasurer)
FRONT: Julie Alleyne (Secretary), Maurice Webster (President), Jennifer Weetch (Vice President)

Welcome to WAFA - Flowers In Paradise

WAFA –The World Association of Floral Artists was founded in 1981 to reinforce the bonds of friendship among the various members and provide a forum whereby members can exchange ideas and trends in flower arranging. The care and conservation of natural resources and the environment are also important considerations.

Every three years another member country undertakes the management of  WAFA  and produces an International Floral Art Seminar and an International Design Competition for floral artists. Barbados through the local national Flower Club BAFA INC ( Barbados Association of Floral Artists) will be hosting WAFA from July 2014-June 2017.

Through this website we hope to:

  • Invite you to come to Barbados during June 18-25 ,2017 for the WAFA World Flower Show “FLOWERS IN PARADISE” to view what we envisage will be an exciting and awe inspiring spectacle of the creative abilities of our floral artists from around the globe.
  • Showcase some of the floral art created by WAFA Members.
  • Update you on our plans and activities and we encourage you to register for several of the events as they are announced.

Maurice Webster - President